Kristy Guerra, Founder of Acure Organics

Meet #ANUEWOMAN | Kristy Guerra, Founder of Acure Organics

Tell us about being the founder of an organic skincare line for women

My grandmother had breast cancer. We spend such an incredible amount on what we put on our bodies, everyone from young women to pregnant women to older women. What's in these products isn't healthy. And, healthy skincare shouldn't have to be expensive. I wanted to make organic hair and skincare accessible to everyone. We wanted it to be affordable and healthy. You can't put a price on healthy or what's good for you. You shouldn't be afraid and you shouldn't have to spend an arm and a leg for health.

Can a woman really have it all?

Being a working mom of twin 4 year old boy is a full-time job. Lots of dark circles and lack of sleep. You're never off. You're always on. It's hard, but it's always rewarding. I want to do the best that I can with my company and the best that I can as a mom. I never want them to suffer. And, I want to be the best wife I can.

Luckily, I'm able to juggle it, but it's difficult at times. I have kids tugging at my feet while I'm on a conference call and having to mute it. Sometimes you have to do what you need to do. But we manage and we get it done.

Was there a pivotal moment in your life that makes you the person sitting here today?

Having a couple of miscarriages was defining in a sense that it says you'll either be a mom or you won't. It's what I wanted more than anything in the world. That changed me as a person. It made me really sensitive to women who have lost children or have had hardships during pregnancy.

During this time my company was growing simultaneously. I threw myself into work. But, it was exceptionally hard to deal with. I persevered and I got through it and it made me realize how badly I wanted to be a mom and I wasn't going to stop. Instead of something coming so easily, I was going to have to work really hard at it.

I've always been a person of what you see is what you get. I tell it like it is and I don't have much to hide. I'm comfortable in my own skin. We all have our own insecurities.

What does being an #anuewoman mean to you?

It's that feeling of womanhood that I haven't felt in some time. I work with more men than women. It has been a lot of fun talking to new women. That's how I feel about A'nue. It's something new and fresh and lighthearted.

Women are just as strong as men. We are equal, we are strong, and just as fantabulous.

What role do basics play in your wardrobe?

Having a basic piece is your foundation. It's your base. It's what's going to make you comfortable. You can have something flashy or flamboyant or a mini or a pair of jeans... you still need that basic piece. Comfort to me is the most important part. It's the foundation underneath my clothing.

I love the fabrics that A'nue uses. Everything is so well-made. I love anything that has a little give to it. I look at how things fall and drape and feel on your body. It's just beautiful. The palette is gorgeous.

Describe your personal style

My personal style is a pair of jeans and white tank top and flip flops. If I'm going to dress up, it's going to be something out of this world... red and black faux fur jacket and stilettos. But in all honesty, jeans and a white tank top.

Meet #ANUEWOMAN | Kristy Guerra, Founder of Acure Organics