Our Fabric

Though fashion is such a personal expression, one which transcends the nuts and bolts of technical fabric construction, we thought we’d give you a peek into the fabric that is the essence of everything we create at A’nue Miami. In the garment business, the way fabric feels on your skin is called the “hand.” The unique, luxurious hand of A’nue Essential Basics is what sets us apart from other manufacturers. If you’ve tried on one of our A’nue tops, you know exactly what we mean. You feel wrapped in rich, smooth elegance – it’s classic beauty with a glamorous touch.

Our fabric of choice is a Tactel®/Lycra® blend that is the ideal weight and knit to carry you through all four seasons. Better still, it’s made in the USA! You may be wondering what exactly is Tactel®. Though it’s a modern adaptation of nylon, Tactel® is definitely not the same as your grandmother’s nylon stockings! We blend Tactel® into our fabric to make our tops incredibly soft, lightweight, quick drying and super strong. As a result, you won’t find any pilling or holes and the colors will look bold and beautiful for far longer than other items in your closet.

The Lycra® element in our clothing give that subtle stretch and ease of care that you find with everything in the A’nue collection. Lycra® is what makes our garments machine washable, wrinkle resistant and able to stand the test of time. Our A’nue tops make traveling easy – but we love that they make dressing up for day or night incredibly easy whether you are at home or abroad.

You’ll always look stunning when you have clothes that are gorgeous to the touch, high quality and long lasting, and designed with an eye for classic fashion