Your wish list allows you to save products that you might want to buy in the future. There are (2) ways to add an item to your Wishlist.

  1. On any page where several products are showcased at once, you will notice a small, grey heart at the top right of each product image. Simply, move your cursor over the style you like and click the heart. The heart will turn a dark grey color, which confirms that it has been added to your Wishlist.
  2. When viewing a specific style and all of its details, you will notice that right before you select "Add To Cart", there's a button labeled "Add To Wishlist". Click on this button to add the item to your Wishlist.

To access your Wishlist, click on the big pink and white heart at the bottom right of any page. If you're not yet logged into your A'nue Miami account, it will ask if you want to login. Once you log in, it will show you all of the items you've added to your Wishlist. 

Whenever you're ready to purchase an item in your Wishlist, simply click on the product listed and continue to pick your size and color and "Add to Cart" button. Best Wishes!