3 Tips for At-Home Productivity

Our mantra has become: we’re all in this together. Yes, we may be physically apart, but if we work together to keep our communities healthy and strong, to protect our healthcare workers, and to help  others in need, we will strengthen the bonds that keep us connected. We can see positive changes happening already around the world. You can overcome fear and stress by being informed (not over-informed!) and taking action to help a friend or neighbor, if you’re able.

You’re some of our favorite people because you’re smart, curious and have such great taste (of course!). And we know you’ve heard the drill: stay home to keep us all safe. We’re here to help with our favorite tips to be productive while staying at home. Whether you are adjusting your work routine or simply learning to live indoors for a while, these tips will help keep you healthy, both mentally and physically. 

Dress the part

The V-Boatneck (AB037) in Shimmer Cream

Staying in pj’s all day is no way to spend your day! We’ve heard the stories of retailers selling way more tops than bottoms, given all of the video calls going on. A’nue Miami tops certainly fill that need. But we believe you should stick to your normal routine and get ready as you would any other day. It’s a psychological way of tricking your body and mind into being productive. We even suggest having a night where you dress up for dinner. Whether you facetime a friend and virtually share a glass of wine and some laughs, or make your spouse their favorite meal, it will be fun to create something out of the ordinary.

Take on a New Project

Remember when you couldn’t find time to clean your closet or organize your photos? This can be a dream come true! Make a list of three things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had the chance. Don’t forget we offer an amazing FREE virtual styling session to help you with these needs, click here. You can start a garden, do spring cleaning, write letters to friends or create some art. Find inspiration on youtube to learn to play an instrument, create a pile of things you’d like to donate to your local second-hand store, or knit something for charity (https://www.pinterest.com/tannerbuck23/knitting-for-charity/). You can break things up into more manageable segments, such as committing to working on the same thing for 1 hour each day, 3 times per week. Maybe make a chart to a list to mark your progress. You can do this!

Stay Fit

Even though gyms and recreation centers are closed, there are lots of ways to stay in shape during the COVID-19 period. Start you day with the exercise of your choice and it will carry you through the whole day. We’ve been doing workouts with cans of tomatoes instead of weights, since they seem to be in everyone’s cupboard these days. If you’ve never been a runner, try run/walk programs and gradually build up your endurance. Start with 9 minutes of walking and 1 minute of running and do 3 cycles of this for a 30 minute workout. Each day, trade 1 minute of walking for an extra minute of running, until you eventually can run for the entire 30 minutes. There are lots of free apps for mediations and workouts that can keep your mind and body healthy. Check out your options because when you keep yourself active, you increase your ability to deal with challenges and you are inspired to be more productive. 

Most importantly, keep washing those hands, avoid touching your face and stay home! You can feel empowered to keep your family and your community safe. Isn’t that amazing that simple steps can do so much? Wishing you days filled with productivity, peace and good health!

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