Perfectly Paired Summer Styles

Summer styling is all about fun and color, and what better way is there to get through the hottest time of the year than up the fun in your everyday outfit? It’s not too late to take a peek in your closet to see which accessories add a pop of color or a beachy vibe to pair with your cool, comfortable A’nue essentials. Feel free to mix a casual piece with something a little more decadent - even if there were fashion rules to follow, it’s exciting to break the rules every now and then.

We’ve chosen 3 of our favorite summer looks to inspire you, encourage you and maybe even show you your next new top!

The A-Line 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck (AB182) in Pacific

1. Hello stilettos! You’ll be looking smokin’ hot in this summer look even when the temperature isn’t 100 degrees in the shade! Grab your oversized bag & your cool girl attitude and you’ll turn heads while you’re out shopping or grabbing a bite to eat. With its relaxed, comfortable fit, the long sleeve v neck top is the perfect pairing for body hugging jeans and sexy, high-heeled sandals. This outfit gives a whole new meaning to summer sizzle.

The Short Sleeve Swing Top (AB183) in Navy

2. Our next outfit will give everyone the impression you’re on vacation even if you’re in your own hometown. If you’re a fan of A’nue, you’ve heard us say before how much we love the aptly named perfect tee. We offer our elevated version of a generic t-shirt in loads of colors since it may be hard to own just one. It doesn’t get holes, lose its bold color or get stretched out - your wishes have all come true! We love the look with a big beach tote and some platform wedge sandals. Summer perfection. 

The 3/4 Sleeve Crew (AB092) in Black

3. Perhaps you’re heading somewhere this summer where it cools off at night or they keep the air conditioner humming 24/7. Our final look is meant for you. It’s a classy evening outfit that has a youthful edge when you add on a timeless animal print clutch bag. And the wide leg jeans? You’ll have the younger generation wondering where you shop and how you manage to be so stylish! It all starts with the 3/4 sleeve crew that highlights all your best curves. Don’t forget to add a fancy necklace since the crew neckline is the perfect depth to show off something shiny.

Remember that summer never lasts forever so we encourage you to celebrate the season starting now. Let your fashion style reflect all the beauty and ease of summer!

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