5 Secrets To Enjoying Spring Fun in Your Hometown

Sometimes it seems like you can feel the springtime energy buzzing throughout your town. In addition to the plants and flowers re-awakening, friends and neighbors are ready to shake off their winter cobwebs and enjoy a little bit of what spring has to offer. You can certainly hop on a plane and visit a new area of the country, but sometimes the best things are right in your own backyard. We've got your top 5 suggestions for getting the most out of the place that you call home. 
1. Get your groove on - Look in your hometown paper to see if any bands, plays or festivals are happening. Local colleges are a great way to tap into the arts and expand your cultural horizons. Whether you check out a dance performance or an amateur play, it's always fun to support the arts. As the weather gets warmer, you'll find outdoor options so that you can work on your tan as you enjoy the vibes.
2. Put your money where your mouth (or home) is - Think local! Your neighborhood coffee shop or art house cinema is excited to welcome you back in person. Meet a friend for an afternoon of catching up while also getting to know your local business owners. Be bold & strike up a conversation with a stranger so that you become a part of the community. Shop, dine and stroll as a way of supporting independent shops in your area. 
3. Lend a helping hand - What's your passion and how can you translate that into helping those around you? Maybe you start a food drive where you collect nonperishables to give to the local shelter. With pandemic aid decreasing, there are certainly plenty of people who can use some assistance. Offer to help plant or care for a garden at the local elementary school. It's a win-win for the students, the environment and you. The opportunities are limitless and many towns and cities have websites that consolidate volunteer opportunities, so begin your online search today!
4. Work that body - You've got 2 choices when it comes to exercise - move it or loose it! Find a new way to break a sweat, whether it's in a local Pilates class, hiking up a new trail or hopping on your bike to go somewhere instead of driving in your car. Bring a friend for company or explore the area all on your own. You may discover that you see your town in a whole new light when you are walking or biking to your new activity of the season.
5. Keep your friends close and your farmers closer - Now is the time when the good stuff arrives at the farmer's market. Think asparagus, radishes, strawberries, fresh lettuce and more. We know you don't want to see another winter squash or gourd for about 6 months, and the good news is that the local produce is absolutely amazing. With each bite, you'll fall in love with Spring over and over again. Pick a fruit or veggie you haven't tried before & search the internet for a fun recipe. Enjoy the culinary adventure. 
Wishing you a beautiful Spring filled with warmth and light!

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