5 Ways to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day – though it’s meant as a romantic day to show love to your special someone, traditional gift giving can add some unnecessary pressure. We think there are lots of ways to surprise your valentine with a fun, unconventional celebration, whether you’ve been together for ages or are just beginning to get to know one another. Love can be the magic that makes each day better, so jump in the spirit of the holiday and try one of these fun surprises for your loved one.

1. Spa Day: Make room for love and romance when you rid your body & mind of stress by booking a couple’s massage at a local spa. For added relaxation, find a place with soothing music and maybe even a steam room or sauna package. Some massage therapists will come to your home, which means you can combine the massage with a glass of bubbly or a romantic meal, for the full R&R experience.

2. Couples Night: Invite over several couples of your closest friends for a lovely dinner. You can make a fun play list for dancing, set up board games with a Valentine’s theme (https://www.playpartyplan.com/valentines-day-games/), or make chocolate-covered strawberries together. The more the merrier!

3. Share the Love with Others in Need: Make a date to volunteer together, and your love will grow by giving back to the world. Find an organization in your community that could use some help and be a part of positive change. Some examples include working in a community garden, helping victims of domestic violence or tutoring in an after-school program. You may be surprised that a 1-day volunteer event could turn into a long-term relationship that gives the love right back to you!

4. Be Present for the Presents: Instead of guessing what your sweetheart wants, make a date to shop together. You can avoid any awkward returns by being together & getting to know the things that make your loved one happy. Your day of shopping can be filled with laughs and interesting conversation, and then you’ll enjoy knowing that the gift was the perfect choice for the one closest to your heart.

5. Keeping the Romance Alive: If you’re looking for a simpler, more intimate night, create the perfect celebration at home. Plan a gourmet menu that pairs well with some wine or bubbly, like this fun heart-shaped lasagna Bundt. Dessert can be made in advance so that you’ll have time to share special moments. Topics of conversation can include reasons you are grateful for your loved one or reminiscing about when you met.

We’re hoping you feel the love and enjoy making Valentine’s Day a special moment for you and the one who has captured your heart!

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