A’nue Ligne Becomes A’nue Miami

It’s not often that a company changes its name after over 25 years in business, so we sometimes have customers and boutiques wondering why we decided to reinvent ourselves in 2015. First, let’s go back to the beginning and explain how we became A’nue Ligne. Lois Varat, the founder and President of A’nue Miami, began with a dream of owning her own clothing company. You know that feeling when you look in your closet, struggling to find the perfect top, and you know you could do it even better? Lois had been raised by a father in the garment industry who taught her everything she knows. She dedicated herself to creating a quality product, one that made a woman feel beautiful, fun and fashionable, whether she was heading to the office, to drinks with friends or on a tropical vacation. And since she was at a point in her life where she was reinventing herself, she wanted her clothing “line” to reflect “a new” take on life… thus, A’nue Ligne.

A’nue Ligne quickly became a staple in many women’s closets. Our customers marveled at how our classic styles stood the test of time, both in their clean lines and in their quality craftmanship (a product of dedicating ourselves to manufacturing in the USA). We also had fashion pieces inspired by trips to fine fabric shows in France and Italy. Then, as we entered a new century, we appreciated the trends that showed more women dressing casually at the office and when traveling. Lois, who was now joined by her daughter Jodi, an experienced production and strategy whiz in the clothing industry, decided to pivot to a new business model. Since color and versatility were the key to the 21st century woman’s heart, they began streamlining the business to feature their signature Tactecl/Lycra® in a wide variety of colors and styles. The timing was perfect!

A new image called for a new name, and we thought long and hard about how to maintain the relationships and history we worked so hard to create, while also infusing the line with a freshness and vitality it deserved. A’nue was a recognized and much-loved brand, but what was missing was the representation of our South Florida roots. Our company has always been inspired by the tropical, cosmopolitan vibes of Miami, with its vibrancy and sense of possibility. We live, work and play locally. We design, manufacture and ship locally. A’nue is Miami and Miami is A’nue. The evolution of A’Nue Ligne to A’nue Miami was complete.

The good news is that everything you know from A’nue Ligne and love can now be found at A’nue Miami, through our website www.anuemiami.com. We can’t wait to see you there!

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