A'nue Miami Partners with LEAP for Ladies

Have you heard of LEAP for Ladies? Well, when we began learning about the incredible work they are doing in our own backyard and the success they are achieving, we knew that they were the perfect partner for our 2020 community giving program.

From now until December 31, 2020, every time you purchase one of our tops in Raspberry, Azure, Kiwi or Caribbean, we will donate 10% of the sale to help women who are transitioning out of the prison system and into jobs, safe housing, security and self-confidence. 

Here’s why we are incredibly excited to partner with this organization that brings hope, basic life skills and education to women who are committed to making positive changes in their lives. Since 2009, over 200 women have graduated from their 250 hour program that teaches women entrepreneurial skills and basic life skills to help them find stable housing and jobs once they leave the prison system.

They also believe that encouraging these women to love themselves and believe in themselves is the foundation for success, a point that is well made by the fact that only 4 – 7% of their graduates have been returned to prison, as opposed to a national average of 33 – 67%.

LEAP recruits mentors to check in monthly with the women, all of whom apply for the program when they have 6 – 12 months before their release, and to follow up with them monthly after their release. An impressive 90% of funds they raise goes directly to the programs used by women accepted into LEAP. It is inspiring to see a dedicated group of staff and volunteers who saw a need in our community, designed a program to make change and continue to work diligently to help women in need.

We’re excited to find various ways to help LEAP in addition to fundraising, so please look out for future collaborations! In the meantime, please shop our special LEAP colors at anuemiami.com so that you can contribute to hope, empowerment and encouragement for women getting back on their feet after incarceration.

Please feel free to donate to LEAP for Ladies, by visiting their website www.leapforladies.org.

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