Autumn Arrives in Miami

When you are based in a tropical city like Miami, it’s sometimes easy to believe that there are no seasons, unless you consider “hot” and “hotter” to be seasons! But fall brings incredible changes, no matter which corner of our world you live in. Though our days may not *yet* be cooler in Miami, we do relish all the signs that we are entering this beautiful time of the year. The light is different, the days are shorter, colors are changing – all of which contribute to shifting our focus inward and reflecting on life. Enjoy this moment to remember all that we love about falling into autumn.


  • Scarves, jackets, cute boots and more. It’s time to shift things around in your closet. Let go of things that you haven’t worn in ages, and dust off those cool weather accessories that make fall fun. This autumn, in particular, we’re seeing lots of browns and reds, and A’nue has just the hues to match your mood. 
  • Welcome back, pumpkin spice! What more can be said about those lattes? It’s like heaven in a cup. But if you’re looking for another treat that says fall, check out this pumpkin bread recipe, courtesy of The recipe is easy to follow, but we suggest adding chocolate chips for an indulgent, delicious treat.
  • Check out the changing of the leaves. We never tire of seeing the fall colors on display in nature. The Northeast is the typical go-to spot for many people, with peak times occurring in late September until the end of October. But how about these unusual destinations? The months of September, October & November are beautiful times to see the Grand Canyon without the crowds; Georgia shows all of it autumn glory in November; and Minnesota is awash in reds and oranges from the end of September until the middle of October. Explore a new part of our beautiful country!
  • Plant bulbs in your garden. Practice the art of patience by working now for a treat that you won’t realize until spring. Find a flower that works well in your area and let those bulbs rest until the warmth of spring arrive. You’ll be amazed by the heartiness of the flower that arrives next year, and you’ll be grateful you took the time to lay the seeds of a springtime explosion of color.

Take some time with friends or family to plan your favorite way to spend the change of seasons. However you decide to welcome in fall, we wish you adventurous days and cozy evenings!

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