Fall Trends 2022

Looking for what’s new in fashion as the weather cools off? We’ve researched the fall trends so that you don’t have to. And you can keep up with the hottest styles without breaking the bank by finding your own way to copy the looks. You may have some items in your closet already – as you know, what comes around goes around again and again. Or you can visit your local boutique to see how they interpret all the latest trends. We fully support you going all out and making a fun fall purchase that will help look and feel autumn-ready. Happy shopping!

Trench Coats

All the fashion sites are showing that trench coats are going to be BIG this fall. Some of the new ones are asymmetrical or have fun cut-outs, but the over-all look is belted and beautiful. This neutral color truly goes with everything, so you’ll find yourself accessorizing with lots of great hats, scarves and jewelry to make your look different each time you wear it.

Color is King

Left: The Classic Long Sleeve (AB116) in Red

Right: The 3/4 Sleeve Crew (AB092) in Electric

What to wear when you unbutton that trench coat? Why it’s color, of course! Don’t be afraid of deep, rich hues that make a bold statement. Whether it’s sassy red, enchanting emerald or intoxicating blue, your features will stand out against the pop of color. It’s time to drag out your vintage 80’s garments because the pop of color in them will fit right in at your next event.

Longer Hemlines with Longer Appeal

Your skirts and dresses will now allow for only a peak of your fall boots since hemlines are pretty much dusting the floors on the runways. It’s an elegant look that harkens back to a different era, but one that is modernized with interesting v-neck lines and creative buttons. Just imagine yourself swooping in as if you’re floating your way to your grand entrance!

Lace and Ruffles for a Delicate Touch

Many looks feature a soft, flowy vibe that hints at traditionally feminine styling. The lace and ribbons are often paired with stark jewelry or thigh-high boots to add a little edge to the look. You can vary the styling from pastels to cream or white and still achieve the same aesthetic. You’ll feel pretty and delicate on the outside, but we can all see the strong, confident person on the inside!

The Ever-present White Tank

Photo on right: The Classic Tank (AB002) in Cream

There are a million ways to wear your essential white tank and we hope you try all of them. We love it paired with some baggy jeans and a cool new purse. Or how about with a plaid, long skirt and an edgy leather jacket? The weather hasn’t cooled off just yet, so you’ll be able to pull off the tank on it’s own for a little bit longer. And when the temps being to drop, your white tank will become your favorite layering piece.

This fall will be all about making a statement with your fashion choices. Individualize all the popular looks in ways that feel authentic and fun for you. Life is short and it’s time to enjoy getting out in the world!

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