Finding Ways To Support Those In Need

Feeling grateful for the little things these days? As the holiday season nears, it’s a good time to think of ways to help others in need. The weather is getting cooler and many have not recovered from a long and challenging 18 months of pandemic life. So for those of us who can support others, LET’S DO IT! We’d like to share one example of one way to give back. Jodi Bondy, our co-owner and leader of A’nue Miami, began volunteering for Food Rescue Miami several years ago, and has made it a part of her weekly schedule ever since. 

Food Rescue US is a national organization dedicated to diverting food from landfills and feeding hungry people. When a participating restaurant or supermarket has items nearing their expiration date or an excess of certain products, they can have volunteers from Food Rescue Miami pick up these items and deliver them to shelters, low income housing and other non-profits. It’s a win-win-win: donors are happy that their food is not going to waste, recipients are grateful for the nutritious, free food and perfectly good items are diverted from landfills, which prevents the buildup of methane gas and helps preserve the environment. In Jodi’s own words, “I feel strongly about not wasting food. Food Rescue US allows me to be one small link in the chain that helps fight hunger and protects the planet.

There are lots of food rescue organizations in different states, and they usually allow you to be flexible with your volunteer hours and the different food rescue pick-ups that you complete. But these types of organizations are only one example and there is so much you can do in your community or on a national level; for example, you can make kits of essential items and pass them out to homeless individuals, you can tutor a child who has been struggling with virtual education or you can train your dog to be a comfort animal. The most important thing is to take that first step and find the right opportunity that works for you. 

Hoping you find as much happiness in the act of giving back as the people who are on the receiving end of all of your thoughtfulness!

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