Let’s Toast to Finding the Perfect Wine for Valentine’s Day

We love a good rom com. We’re known to tear up at heart-tugging commercials. We never attend a wedding without a full box of tissues. Yep, we’re romantics. And that is why we’re fans of expressing love throughout the year – say it out loud, say it often & say it with all your heart. But as Valentine’s Day approaches and the romance-o-meter kicks into high gear, we believe a new bottle of vino is one of the loveliest ways to share how you feel. There’s no better sound on Valentine’s Day than clinking two glasses together and celebrating LOVE! We’ve curated a special list of different styles of wine to pair with this exceptional evening. Whether you are choosing a quiet, romantic dinner at home or heading out to your favorite dinner spot, we know you’ll love these wines for a thoughtful toast, a delectable dinner drink or even an after-meal treat.

Frog’s Leap Sauvignon Blanc www.frogsleap.com

Frog’s Leap provides a versatile, crisp wine that consistently receives high ratings, and yet comes in at around $25/bottle. As an organically farmed wine from Napa, California, you can feel good about drinking in these melon and citrus infused flavors without any the guilt! Like most sauvignon blancs, it has grassy yet fruity flavors so it will go great with shellfish, a delicious salad or a curated charcuterie board.

Land of Saints Cabernet Franc www.loswines.com

When the grapes are grown in a place called Happy Canyon, how can you not love the wine? Land of Saints is a great collaboration of 3 Central California Coast dwellers, each bringing their own tradition to the labor of love that is winemaking. The fruit flavors in their Cabernet Franc shine through, with notes of cherry, strawberry and plum. Red wines tend to pair well with hearty meals, like meat and stew, and this Cab Franc is no exception.

Dutcher Crossing Winery Grace Reserve Sparkling Wine www.dutchercrossingwinery.com

“Pretty in pink” is just one way to describe this Brut Rose from Dutcher Crossing Winery. Another would be to call it absolute perfection for Valentine’s Day. From the lovely pink color to the hints of strawberry/raspberry/tart green apple, this bubbly will tickle your tongue and captivate your valentine in a way that only the finest wines can. It is the perfect way to begin or end your romantic meal.

Dolce Late Harvest Wine www.dolcewine.com

Dolce refers to their dessert wine as “Liquid Gold from Napa Valley,” and you can feel the richness in the beauty of the bottle and the glorious golden hue of the wine. The sweet flavor derives from allowing the grapes to remain on the vine until later in the harvest season, which has an added benefit of increasing the alcohol content. In other words, a little goes a long way when pairing this wine with your favorite dessert treat or a satisfying after-dinner cheese plate. Let love and contentment carry the day.

However you celebrate Valentine’s day, may it be filled with things that bring your heart joy!

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