Must-Do Tips for Summer

The ocean… tranquil, mysterious, breathtaking. It has inspired countless poets, painters and run-of-the-mill daydreamers. No summer is complete without a dip of the toes into the ocean blue, and you can practically feel the sensation just by closing your eyes and thinking back to your last time in the water. Whether exploring the wonders of the sea by boat or from the edges of the beach, there is a reason why so many people say that connecting to water heals and soothes the soul. We agree! And in order to protect yourself while enjoying the ocean’s magic, we’ve put together our favorite tips for taking care of yourself on the glorious high seas.

  1. Sunscreen, sunscreen and more sunscreen – The best sunscreens are ones that provide a physical block of the sun’s harmful rays without dousing your body with toxic chemicals. Check out the Environment Working Group (EWG) and their list of recommended sunscreens.

Apply early and often and don’t forget a hat or visor!

  1. Super secret hair tip – Wet your hair before going into the salt water. Hair that is already dampened by clean water will absorb less of the drying salts of the ocean. Don’t forget to also rinse your hair after your satisfying plunge.
  2. Water on the outside, water on the inside – Hydration is key when spending a day in the big blue. Have a water bottle on hand & sip frequently. For extra yumminess – squeeze a splash of lemon or pop some cucumber slices into your ice water.
  3. Upgrade your sunglasses to polarized lenses – Light that reflects off the water can cause a strong glare that can be painful and can decrease your ability to see what’s going on around you. Polarized lenses block the intense reflected light and guarantee you won’t miss a bit of the beauty surrounding you.

Wishing you smooth waters and summer fun!

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