New for Thanksgiving 2019 – A fusion of international cuisine!

It’s always nice to have your tried and true recipes for Thanksgiving. Everybody loves grandma’s green bean casserole or Aunt Susie’s famous stuffing. But we’re from Miami. We don’t do traditional here. Miami is home to many international cuisines, and it’s the fusion of those different styles that makes things really exciting. We’d like to share some of our favorite recipes that will add some spice – literally and figuratively – to your Thanksgiving meal.

Cuban Black Beans

We’ll start with a recipe near and dear to our hearts. The NY Times did an excellent version of Cuban black beans  – you can of course use a vegetarian black bean recipe, but that would NOT be authentic Cuban black beans. To cut down on cooking time, soak the beans overnight. Serve over rice to make your Cuban abuela happy.

Native American Fry Bread

This Thanksgiving, let us honor the first inhabitants of our land with a delicious version of Fry Bread. Of course every regional area has their own variation, but the Navajo version goes something like this. You can either make them savory with the same toppings as tacos, or try drizzling honey and powdered sugar for a sweet treat.

Indian Spiced Green Beans

You control the heat by adjusting the amount of pepper in this fantastic side dish. Now this is something to fire up the conversation around the holiday table!

Italian Crostata Dessert

Finish off your meal with the flavors of Italy, courtesy of this seasonal tart. You’ll never miss apple pie after you’ve had a bite of Apple Crostata. Feel free to make things easier with a store bought crust, or go above and beyond with the simple crust instructions. Either way, your crowd will shout, “Grazie!”

Wishing you joy, good conversation, and peace as we all pause to be grateful for the many blessings we have. From our A’nue family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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