Perfect Valentine's Gift

Here’s why we love the new The Wrap Sleeveless (AB110)… you will look great in these top. Period. Get one for you and one for your best girlfriend, just to show a little Valentine’s Day love. Or you can drop some hints to your significant other that this is at the very top of your list. The Wrap will be your go-to item for dinner dates, nights at the theater or even at the office (Yes, you read that right!). There’s no end to where The Wrap can take you.

Ok, here are the details. Sleeveless just works great this time of year – you can layer with a blazer or a jacket and not even break a sweat when you have to go indoors. When the jacket does come off, you’ll definitely be showing off the extra hours that you have put into your 2018 healthy eating and exercising routine. The Wrap is just that perfect length where you can tuck it in if you’d like, but it can just as easily give you some coverage if you leave it untucked. And, most importantly, when you wear the wrap, you control how sexy you want to be. The gorgeous fabric can be gathered higher for a smaller v-neck or lower, as you see fit. The Wrap sleeveless top is everything you’ve come to expect from A’nue and so much more. The range of colors, the ease of care, the beauty and elegance of the styling… Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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