Spring Cleaning – Eco Style!

We’ve often discussed spring cleaning of your wardrobe or your home, but this year we’re doing it with a new twist – sustainable spring cleaning! With all of the climate change we’ve seen already this year, right now is the perfect time to bring a little eco-consciousness into your world. 

First things first: products. What you clean your home with is important. Toxic chemicals don’t disappear, and whether they remain on surfaces or get washed into the water system, they affect the earth throughout their long lifespan. We’ve used great alternatives to the not-so-great typical detergents, which are known to harm the environment. Check out Earth Breeze laundry sheets - no bulky plastic!, Seventh Generation detergent in cool, compostable packaging, or even just choose an unscented, colorless version of your regular detergent to cut back on dyes and chemicals. As for window cleaner, don’t take our word for it, just ask Bob Vila, making your own is easy, quick & inexpensive. You can green-up so many of your household cleaners with very little effort. The earth will thank you!

When your decide to tackle the task of cleaning out your closet, instead of tossing old clothes, we’ve got some alternatives. Remember that needle and thread? It’s easy to fix small holes & bring new life to your favorite clothes. When something is beyond repair, use it for rags instead of paper towels. Keep a stack under the sink so they’re right at your finger tips. You’ll save a ton on paper towels & the trees will be happy, too. And if wardrobe pieces are still in good shape, find a local spot to donate your gently used items. 

Look into which household products are recyclable in your area. Have a bunch of batteries in a kitchen drawer? Sometimes the fire station or the dump will take them because the acid that leaches out of batteries are toxic in a landfill. Plastic bags gathering dust under the sink? Find out if you can put them in your recycling bin or take them back to the grocery store. A little bit of recycling goes a long way to making the earth a better place. 

We hope you are enjoying the warming weather and feel inspired to color your world green! Each step that our customers take to being eco-conscious will help shift the community mindset to a focus on a healthy, happy planet. Stay safe & take care – 

The A’nue Team

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