5 Ideas for Enjoying Your Hometown

“The price of gas is WHAT?”

Not to worry – we got you! When hitting the open road becomes painful to the wallet, it’s nice to remember that there are lots of fun things to do locally. No matter where you live (beachfront, woodland, suburban neighborhood) there’s always a moon to watch, there are always beautiful spots outdoors and there are always ways to find an adventure right in your backyard.

Get to know your town or city again

If you haven’t been getting out much lately, it’s a good time to explore your local museums and historical places. You can check out any new exhibits, since art feeds the soul and may even inspire you to create your own. Heading to a historical site can refresh your memory of how your hometown came to be, and make you fall in love (again) with where you live.

Don’t forget the picnic blanket!

With longer days and more daylight, it sounds like the right time for a picnic. If it’s not too chilly, you can do it at the end of the day and after the sun goes down, snuggle up with some extra blankets. Bring a portable speaker for some romantic tunes & you’ll have a night to remember. If you stay long enough, you may be able to see a gorgeous moonrise.

Bring your reusable bags and a taste for new flavors

Most seasonal farmers markets reopen in April in the warmer states, and are stocked with fresh, delicious items from nearby farms. It’s always fun to cruise the aisles looking for new things to spruce up you weekly menus. Don’t be shy – talk to the farmstand workers for suggestions on how to prepare what they’re selling. You may even find your new favorite fruit or vegetable – what a healthy way to begin Spring!

Skip the car altogether

Tune up the bike, lace up the shoes or strap on your rollerblades – choose your favorite outdoor exercise. You can leave your car keys and choose instead to go for a run or walk right from your front door. It’s great to find ways to exercise simply, without the need for lots of equipment or a pricey gym membership. Getting in the habit of doing something good for your heart and body that doesn’t require a whole lot of “stuff,” is extra good for the soul, too.

Pick up a new hobby

Maybe you can’t travel to a foreign country, but you can still learn the language! Try an app that helps you refresh a language you learned back in school or pick a new one altogether. How about stopping by the local hardware store to start a new project? There are lots of ideas there that will help you take something off your To Do List. If you’re just looking for fun, you can dabble in the arts like photography, knitting or painting.

Avoiding the gas station may be the best thing for your sanity these days, but it doesn’t mean you have to avoid fun and adventure. This is just a starting point for getting creative about doing exciting things right where you live. Hope it brings you lots of great memories!

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