The ABC’s of Protecting Your Skin

Hello sun! The beautiful, warm light of spring makes you want to soak up all the benefits of nature’s light: vitamin D, a great boost of serotonin, an overall feeling of wellness. But, unlike past generations, we know the harm that can come from excessive sun exposure. None of us want to risk things like skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the United States. So, we’re here to share some easy ways to protect yourself from harmful activities while still getting a much-needed boost of sunlight at this time of year.

Clothing… Like A’nue Essentials!

With the tight weave of A’nue’s special blend of Tactel ®/Lycra®, you’ll receive 30 SPF protection without having to even lift a finger. Who knew that looking stylish could be so good for your body? There are lots of great clothing options with SPF built into the fabric – and the tighter the weave, the better - so now you just need to focus on the uncovered areas. This is where a great hat, some cool shades and a preference for dark colors can really provide more protection. Click here to shop our collection of A'nue Miami tops!

Sunscreen Is Your Friend

It’s easy to create a new habit of applying sunscreen as your first layer when you start your day. Moisturizers and foundation often come with sunscreen, so find one that suits your skin tone and type. Don’t forget to reapply to all exposed areas throughout the day, especially if you have gotten wet or sweaty – sunscreen is good, but not that good! Look for a minimum of SPF 15, and make sure that sunscreen hasn’t been sitting in your medicine cabinet for too long. Replace your sunscreen by the expiration date or 3 years, whichever comes first.

Avoid Peak Hours

As any true Miamian will tell you that you shouldn’t be anywhere near the beach between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm – there’s no parking, the beach is way too crowded and, most importantly, the sun’s rays are strongest and most dangerous at that time. Try to schedule your outdoor activities for the early morning and late afternoon hours. You’ll still get the Vitamin D benefits, with less harm. And with the longer days we’re having, the afternoon will be a great time for a trip to the park, a walk outdoors or even a cocktail on the beach.

So, pop up that umbrella (both the big one on your deck and the little one in your drink) and enjoy all the fun and adventure that spring has in store. Just remember to follow these simple rules to keep your skin from aging or suffering sun damage, and you’ll be able to shine during this wonderful season. Enjoy!

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