A Year Filled with Gratitude

We love looking back at 2019 to review the highs and the lows, the accomplishments and the lessons learned. Though it seems like just yesterday that we were ringing in the new year, the twelve months have been filled with personal and professional changes. We launched new colors and new styles, witnessed babies born to our growing families, happily welcomed back former employees, supported our co-workers through illness and incredible recovery, and celebrated birthdays and holidays.

As we review our year, we thought it would be great to do so through the lens of thankfulness. It’s been a wonderful year, and we hope you take the time to enjoy your own reasons to be joyful. Wishing you peace, happiness, good health and quality time with the ones you love! Thank you for being an incredible part of our A’nue year!

Pictured from left to right: Margarita, Berenice, Maria, Wendi, Lois, Jodi, Jan, Veronica & Yessy

  • Veronica is thankful for coming back to A’nue, and also for re-connecting with her Aunt/Godmother. 
  • Yessy loved her summer trip to Italy, Greece, Israel & Egypt with her wife and parents, and she always appreciates being able to travel and visit friends. 
  • Lois is grateful that Baby Arthur became grandchild # 6 in March. 
  • Jodi thanks the love of her life, Doug, for their 20 years of marriage. 
  • Maria’s favorite thing of the year is the fact that her nephew Jose Antonio was able to visit from El Salvador.
  • Margarita believes that God, health, life and family are the things she is most grateful for.
  • Wendi loves that the year was filled with good health and the ability to travel with her family.
  • Marcos is psyched that he got the title to his car!
  • Berenice is grateful that work has been so great and more prosperous. 

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