Holiday Gift Wrapping 101

You thoughtfully choose gifts for all of the special people in your life, braving the malls & local stores, and then… panic! How will you wrap all of those gifts? you’re like us, you don’t have a  stash of Santa’s helpers waiting patiently to wrap all of those odd-sized packages and goodies.

Never fear – we’re here to help. Our own founder and president of A’nue Miami, Lois Varat, happens to be an extraordinary gift wrapper. She manages to make everything look simple, elegant and beautiful. Here are some of her tips and tricks:

Get prepared! Here are the items you’ll need to make gift wrapping a success:

  • Gift bags and tissue paper are your best friends! Check out these adorable bags that are tailor made for the holiday season. We love the eco-friendly nature since you can re-use them year after year. Bags are great for wrapping oddly-shaped items and are super forgiving for beginning wrappers.
  • Looking to go green? We absolutely love the website The have found a way to take newspaper, recycle it and print great designs for the holiday season and beyond. The earth will thank you.
  • Don’t forget cute accent ribbons, scotch tape & a good pair of scissors.

Square/Rectangular Packages

  1. Roll the paper over the box so that you know how much to cut. Give yourself a little extra room. Once cut, center your box in the middle and fold over about 1.5 inches of one edge (the one that will go on top), so that there is a pretty finish. Place tape to cover the box.
  2. Fold in the sides of the wrapping so that you create two triangles – crease the triangles. Fold one triangle up and one triangle down, taping when that is finished.
  3. Accent the box with pieces of pine trees boughs, small ornaments and fun ribbons. 

Clothing/Scarves/Soft Items

We recommend using the “tootsie roll” wrap for these items which include, let’s just pick a random example, your favorite A’nue Miami top! 

  1. Roll your item in tissue paper so that you create a long, thin tube. Tape the tissue to keep your items in place. 
  2. Repeat step one with clear cellophane wrapping for a glossy, smart look. If you are going green this Christmas, skip this step and proceed to tying ribbons. 
  3. Tie cute ribbons on either edge. You can can trim the tissue paper and cellophane to give the ends a little character.

Advanced Gift Wrapping

Now that you’re a pro, we’re moving on to the hard stuff. This is where the finished product “wows” anyone who receives it. Check out this video that shows you how to wrap a cylinder. It works best with a circular item or a cylinder, but we know that you are up to the task!

We hope that everything looks beautiful under the tree and that your holidays are filled with generosity of spirit, quality time with loved ones and all the joys that this time of year brings. It’s fun to make your gifts look beautiful, but we know that the true happiness of the season come from making memories that you will treasure for a lifetime. Happy holidays!

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