Caring for your A’nue Essentials 101

If there’s one thing we hear over and over again at A’nue, it’s how well our garments stand the test of time. They retain their brilliant colors, resist any holes or signs of wear and, with good care, can look as good in year 10 as they did in year 1. And caring for them does not require special soaps or laundering, so your job couldn’t be easier. Since our styles are ageless classics, you’ll want to treat them well so that you’ll be able to wear them year after year. Below you’ll find some simple tips on how to wash your A’nue tops, how to travel with them and how to keep them looking beautiful for years to come.

Featured Top: The Wrap (AB110) in Azure


Wouldn’t life be simpler if all your tops were as easy to care for as your A’nue Essentials? You’d be able to ditch the trips to the dry cleaner since – yes, you are reading this correctly – you can just toss your A’nue top in the washing machine. Feel free to use your regular detergent since our dyes don’t bleed or fade in the wash. You can either line dry your top or put it in the dryer on a low cycle. Give your squeaky-clean tank, long sleeve or tunic a few shakes to get out any slight wrinkles and you’re good to go. Use that extra time you’ve saved to do something especially nice for yourself!

Featured Top: The High/Scoop Tank (AB076) in Coral


We love heading out for a fun activity or meeting friends for dinner in our latest A’nue styles, but even more exciting is traveling to exotic locations with our trusty A’nue tops packed in our luggage. Don’t forget to put your clothes in packing cubes, since they will organize your items and ensure that they look just as good coming out of the suitcase as they did going in.

Featured Top: The A-Line Tank (ABW002) in Cream

A’nue tops will be the most versatile item in your suitcase because they can be dressed up for fancier events or thrown on with a pair of jeans to cruise around a new town. But what do you do at the end of the day if you’re stuck on a tropical island without access to a washing machine? Not to worry – just take a travel size container of detergent, wash your top in the sink & hang it up to dry. Follow our pro tip, too, by hanging your garments in the bathroom while you shower, since it’s the easiest way to “steam” wrinkles out of your clothes.

That’s really all there is to it. Yes, it seems too good to be true, but that’s the beauty of A’nue’s incredible fabric. It’s soft, luxurious and beyond durable. You’ll not only look good when you’re dressed in A’nue, you’ll feel good about the quality of the pieces you’ve chosen. If you’re anything like our long-standing customers, you’ll come back for even more styles and colors once you discover how easy it is to take care of your Essentials by A’nue.

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