Hey, summer! We’ve been waiting for you!

It’s the beginning of June and that means the official start to summer is just a few weeks away. We know you’re ready to shake off the cobwebs and enjoy some quality warm weather time with friends and family. Break out the lounge chair, dust off the bicycle and stock up the refreshttps://www.globalfurnituregroup.com/products/build-it/hing drinks – it’s time make the most of the summer. Before you head out, we’ve got some seasonal tips for you to keep you healthy and safe.

First things first: your beautiful skin. It’s been hiding away under layers for months and it needs you to take things slowly. You know you’ve seen those folks at the beach who on day 2 have acquired a lovely shade of… lobster red? Don’t let that be you. Sunscreen is your friend, so lather up early and often. As your tan emerges over the summer, feel free to dial back the SPF slightly. But if you continue to take care of your skin, it will take care of you and help you look and feel years younger. Don’t forget that hats are great protection, too. And have you heard the news? A’nue tops, with their tight weave and high-quality fabric, provide incredible protection against the sun’s most harmful rays. Stock up!

Let’s talk about pedicure time. Your toes want in on the action, too. You’re going to be heading out in your new sandals, your hipster Birkenstocks or your tried and true flip flops & you don’t want to be regretting the state of those nails. Splurge on a quality pedi (and mani, too, if you’re feeling daring) and you’ll head out with confidence that will carry you to the pool party and back. There are all sorts of exciting colors for summer, so be flirty and fun for this exciting time of year.

Finally, don’t forget to get healthy for summer. Build up gradually by increasing your walking, biking or swimming activities. Some people like to go all out on the first summer weekend with a big hike or a super long bike ride. Your body will thank you if you take our advice and slowly build up your endurance. Eat well, especially with all the delicious fruit and vegetables that are in season, and stay hydrated as you start your summer adventure.

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