Find the Perfect Spring Color For You!

Spring is here…

As the sun begins to burn off the winter gloom, it is the perfect time for the arrival of the hottest spring colors. Everything just feels refreshing and new… and you should, too! So look to A’nue for a palette of colors that highlight your individual skin tone and make you look like you just came off the cover of a spring fashion magazine. You will radiate freshness, with a sophisticated style that propels you past the annual shedding of your winter coat.

The first step in finding the right color for you is knowing your skin undertone, according to Audree Lopez of Style Caster. Not to be confused with your general skin tone, the undertone is based on the colors that “pop” when you look in the mirror. There are 3 main types of skin undertones: Cool, Warm and Neutral. Cool undertones have skin with pink, red or blue colors that stand out. Their natural hair color is based in ash or silver colors and the veins at their wrist appear blue or purple. For people with warm undertones, the skin reflects hints of yellow, peach or gold. They usually have a natural hair color infused with red, orange or yellow and the veins at their wrists take on a green hue. If you fall somewhere in the middle, lucky you! This neutral tone can often lend itself to either cool or warm colors, so fashion choices become more of a personal preference. When combined with your skin tone, the undertone helps to determine what colors will really highlight your natural beauty.

If you have a warm undertone, you should select shades of red, orange and yellow and accessorize with gold jewelry; while those with a cool undertone are best suited to blue, green and purple, paired with silver jewelry. Keep in mind that these are just guidelines –sometimes you can find a “cool” red or a “warm” blue. And sometimes it’s fun to just break the rules on purpose!

We’ve picked out our favorite trending spring colors in A’nue tops that suit a variety of skin tones. Find what suits you best and watch as the new season breathes fresh air into your wardrobe and your longer, warmer days. To view our entire A'nue Miami collection, click here.

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