DIY: The Ultimate Spring Brunch

Looking for the perfect excuse to get your friends together? Everyone loves brunch! The food is comforting and delicious, you can serve the perfect mix of savory and sweet items, and the party is over before anyone falls asleep on your couch. Below you will find suggestions for everything you need to bring your brunch together with ease. Many items can be prepared in advance so that you can enjoy the time with your guests – maybe even outside on the patio! Happy Spring! 

Favorite Sparking Wine: Markus Huber Hugo Sparkling Rose. This sparkling wine makes you feel like you are drinking in spring! Recipe: Sparkling Rose

Best non-alcoholic drink: Ever tried Ginger Chamomile tea? Refreshing, with a little kick the longer is steeps, this tea tastes great hot or cold. Recipe: Ginger Chamomile Tea

Sweet… Mmmm, pancakes. Our tried and true pancake recipe comes with a ringing endorsement from local Miami high schoolers, and we all know how discerning they can be on a Sunday morning! Top these pancakes with seasonal sliced fruit or berries and slightly warmed, real maple syrup and nobody will be able to resist. Recipe: Old-Fashioned Pancakes

Or Savory? How about this frittata? It comes complete with video instructions and uses all the freshest spring vegetables. It’s a treat with sliced sourdough bread – the perfect pairing. Recipe: Vegetable Frittata

Music, Maestro Having some soothing tunes in the background will ease everyone into their weekend relaxation mode. Lately we’ve been listening to a Leon Bridges mix on Pandora. It’s soothing, soulful and isn’t intrusive if you want to engage your guests in conversation. Learn more about Leon Bridges

Last but not least, don’t forget the flowers! They brighten your table no matter what you serve.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend celebration. Don’t forget to pull on your favorite A’nue top for your brunch. The colors are bright and vibrant, easy to care for and comfortable. For a peek at our entire collection, click here.

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