Let’s Hear It for Female-Owned Businesses in Miami!

It’s time for women to lift each other up, celebrate our successes and support our ability to create businesses that benefit all our communities! We believe our very own president of A’nue Miami, Lois Varat says it best with her recent fashion choices:

Taking her cue, we’d love to celebrate some local Miami women who have created their own paths in their respective industries. Whether you are making change and building opportunities at a local level or nationally, we are awed by you. Keep dreaming and making things happen, and remember to lift up others around you as you embark on your adventure.

Monica Schatz, Chef, Caterer, Entrepreneur

You would think that after 35 years of being a professional chef, Monica Schatz would want slow down and reap the rewards of all her hard work. But “slow” doesn’t seem to in her vocabulary. Ms. Schatz, who created both MoScotti, a delicious biscotti company, and AskMo, a concierge service for advice on all things culinary, creates beautiful meals, delectable desserts and provides answers to all your cooking questions right to your inbox – without even breaking a sweat! The companies are a beautiful partnership with her husband Rick, and give Monica the perfect avenue to be creative while educating and nourishing the Miami community.

Ali Mejia and Mariela Rovito, Co-founders of Eberjey

Anything can happen when two smart, motivated 20-somethings join forces to take the lingerie world by storm. Twenty-five years later, Mariela Rovito and Ali Mejia have built a powerhouse of a brand in Eberjey, a Miami company that designs and manufactures luxurious, softer-than-soft intimates, pj’s, swimsuits that add a touch of beauty to your wardrobe. They strive to incorporate sustainability in their business model without sacrificing style or comfort in their diverse line of women’s clothing. They are role models for women who believe that with hard work, passion and creativity, an idea can be transformed into a thriving business.

Naomi Harris, Madruga Bakery


Though the food industry is in Naomi Harris’ blood, she has taken it to a new level with the Madruga Bakery in South Miami. You can feel the love poured into each bite, from sourdough breads to bakery treats to hearty sandwiches. In her desire to create a place for nutritious, satisfying breakfast and lunch fare, Naomi also created a gathering spot where you can enjoy a meal, catch up with friends or just regroup before starting the day. Whether you go to Madruga to support a local female business owner or you just want to eat some tasty food, we guarantee you will leave satisfied!

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