Staying Cool in the Summertime

What do you do when the heat of summer saps all your energy and you’re just ready for a break? You’ve hiked your heart out, splashed in the surf and lounged luxuriously by the pool. Now what? Don’t sweat it - there are lots of fun activities that give you time to recharge and cool off with friends and family, without having to worry about sun damage or overheating. Just follow our list of great summer activities to beat the heat and your days & nights will be filled with fun for all.

Game Night (or Day!)

There’s nothing better than getting a group of people around a kitchen table to play some board games. Your local game store or big box retailer will have a selection of entertaining choices, but some consignment shops will sell games, too. There are the oldies but goodies like Monopoly, Clue and Trivial Pursuit, but you’ll get a lot of laughs from newer ones like Time’s Up, Bananagrams and Codenames. You can even find laughs without a traditional board by playing charades or breaking out a deck of cards. Creating a homemade version of Pictionary, Scattergories or Memory means that you’ll enjoy both the creation of the game and playing it – double fun for all. 

Stream your favorite movie

For under $100, you can get a decent projector that can turn any wall into an impromptu theater. Throw up a white sheet, heat up some popcorn and you’ll be enjoying some of the greatest movies right in the comfort of your own home. curated a list of the top 50 summer movies of all time, which takes a lot of the guess work out of the age-old question of what to watch. You’ll be able to find something for everyone and have a good time snuggling on the couch, too.


Make any day a Sundae

Get all the toppings for an ice cream social and invite your local friends to come over to cool off with a delicious sundae. Better yet, one neat trick is to bake a batch of large cookies in advance & make homemade ice cream sandwiches. Grab a few flavors of ice cream for people to choose from. Once they’ve sandwiched that creamy goodness between 2 cookies, everyone can roll the ice cream edges in their favorite toppings. Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap and pop them in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Take a bite and it’s like being instantly transported back to your childhood summers! 

Learn to crochet – it’s all the rage on TikTok

If you ever learned to knit or crochet, it’s time to brush up on those skills and let your creativity loose. Yarnwork is not just for grandma anymore. There are so many great patterns and yarns to choose from, and a simple tutorial from your favorite influencer will have you making your next tank top or beach bag in no time. It’s a meditative and peaceful activity that just might become addictive, but who couldn’t use a little more summer contemplation time?  

Stay cool and make the most out of summer!

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