Ever Wondered How to Make a Beautiful Flower Arrangement?

Whether you’re decorating for a party or adding color to your home, you can use these simple tips to create a stunning bouquet. Summer is an incredible time to pick flowers from your garden or when you’re out on a hike, but you can also shop at your local flower maker (or even your supermarket!). Your first step is to choose the height and width of your vase(s) since you’ll want that to match the flowers you select. If you’re entertaining, it’s always fun to create a theme based on a favorite color or the holiday/occasion. Don’t get stressed – it can be as simple as picking up some funky glass containers at a consignment store or as complex as multi-level, intricate vases.

The next step is making sure you have a combination of different heights and textures of flowers. Choose a monochromatic blend of different types of blooms or add some pops of color to catch the eye. Either way, you’ll want to prep the flowers first before putting them in a vase. Remove any damaged or dying parts, cut the stems at a diagonal and place the flowers in some clean, cool water to chill out while you move on to arranging.

Thanks to our friends at marthastewart.com, we found an easy way to make flower food that will keep your delicate blooms hearty and strong. Simply mix 2 tablespoons of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of sugar per quart of lukewarm water. We recommend picking up some flower tape so you can create a grid on the top of your vase that will help support the stems. Carefully fill the vase with the bigger blooms or with fillers such a hydrangea or wax flower. If you’re going for color, add the stems one by one to give a balanced look. Next, step back to get a view from different angles and see if you need to add to any bare spots.

Voila! You’re practically a professional.

Now that you’ve created your masterpiece, you’re going to want to help it stay fresh and fragrant for as long as you can. Be sure to leave the arrangement out of direct sunlight – just like us, delicate flowers will wilt in the sun. A cool, shaded spot is ideal. Next, be sure to change the water every few days or more often if you’re seeing the water get murky. Drain the water, rinse and trim the stems, wash out the vase & get rid of any flowers that are on their way out. Fill the vase with clean water and a fresh batch of flower food. Those thirsty beauties will reward you for your effort with days of gorgeous, flowery brilliance. Enjoy bringing a little of the outdoors into your home!

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