Steps You Can Take to Make 2021 a Brighter Year

Whether or not you are accustomed to making new year’s resolutions, the beginning of 2021 may be the perfect time to review and reset your intentions. We have all faced challenges in different ways over the past year. But how we approach these obstacles and hardships can color our experiences going forward. Instead of setting grand, life changing goals that may be difficult to achieve, why not propose manageable yet effective mini-steps towards a better “you” and a better “us.” Our world certainly has some pretty immediate crises that could use our attention, so we encourage you to look for change in ways big and small. 

First, try setting short term goals instead of large, overwhelming gestures. Want to read more? Get to know your librarian (many are even connecting with patrons virtually!), start a book club with friends or check out top 10 lists in any genre of interest. Take the first step in your new pursuit, which is sometimes easier when you enlist a friend to join you. Want to get involved in your community? Pick one day per week or per month to give back. Chances are, you’ll get hooked and want to do more, but every action you take makes a difference. Cooking healthy meals is a fantastic idea for a new you. You’ll find lots of tutorials on sites like youtube (link to a good beginning cooking site?) and tv shows that cater to chefs and bakers of any level of experience.

Instead of planning an exotic, once-in-a-lifetime vacations, get an easy change of scenery by traveling a short distance to a cabin in the woods or a house by the lake. You will be able to keep yourself safe if you stay away from people outside your household, but sometimes all you need is a break from your daily routine. Plan ahead for groceries and safe outdoor activities and be sure to check on the local COVID regulations and positivity rates before you go.

Most importantly, resolve to take care of YOU this year. Make those doctors’ appointments you’ve neglected. Get your vaccines to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Get some vitamin D by being outside in the sunshine and get some exercise to soothe your body and soul. Take mental health breaks when needed. Breathe. Every day is a new opportunity to take another step forward. We wish you good health, peace and happiness in 2021 and beyond.

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