A Year In Review

2020 seems to be one of those years that’s nice to be looking at from the rearview mirror. In the spirit of reflection, we’d like to look back on the experiences of the past year and, first and foremost, offer our deepest gratitude to everyone that helped us survive 2020. Each day seemed to bring new challenges, new opportunities to learn resilience, and new strategies for navigating this changed reality.

So much of how a person reacts to challenging and unexpected events is a reflection of their character and personal history. The same is true for the way a business responds to changing times. We are humbled by the collective response of our A’nue Miami family, both our employees and our customers. Face coverings become an essential, life-saving tool in the fight against a global pandemic? Check – A’nue creates a safe, reusable mask that offers stylish protection for its customers. And we go a step further by donating a percentage of each sale to Jose Andres’ inspiring World Central Kitchen, donating over $5,000 in donations. Daily activities become at-home activities? No problem – we design and produce comfortable, casual and still beautiful options like capri leggings, joggers and dresses. It’s this adaptability that has always been a hallmark of A’nue Miami, but we could not have managed this wild ride without our loyal customers, vendors and retailers. Through your commitment to our family-owned, made-in-the-USA business, we were able to retain all our employees through the pandemic. This means the world to us.

Despite all the loss, grief and devastation, we have been lifted up by the support and kindness of our customers, our retail partners and our communities. We would not have been able to make it through this year without the tireless dedication of our amazing staff. Everyone pitched in with the positivity needed to navigate these uncharted waters. We were shown time and again how the smallest acts of generosity can change the world. These are the lessons we want to remember as we enter a new year, one that holds out hope that we will return to some semblance of life as we knew it. Things will never be exactly the same and we will carry cherished memories of people and things that were lost, but we will hold onto the spirit of community that pulled us through. We will keep moving forward, one step at a time, and we feel so lucky to have you with us on our journey! Wishing you and your loved ones a safe, healthy and happy 2021!

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