10 Things You Didn't Know About A'nue

You thought you knew A’nue, right?

We’re that tried and true line of elevated basics that adds a beautiful pop of color in the middle of winter’s coldest days. Check.

We make the luxurious tank you can always count on to complete the outfit & make you feel your best. Absolutely!

Our quality and classic styling stand the test of time, and yet our fashion pieces manage to adapt to the latest trends with just the right amount of sophistication. All true.

But today’s post is here to share all of the little known secrets that make A’nue so much more than what you see on the surface. We’re a family-run small business filled with hard-working people toiling behind the scenes to make you feel gorgeous every time you wear A’nue. Here’s a peek at the things you may not have known about your favorite line of elevated basics.

  1. It all began with a white button-down blouse. Owner Lois Varat looked in her closet and just couldn’t find a white shirt with the fit and styling she loved. So she did what any courageous, strong, independent woman would do – she started her own company to fill the void!
  2. It’s a family affair. Our employees have consisted of 2 sets of sisters and 2 mother-daughter teams (including mother-daughter co-owners Jodi Bondy & Lois Varat), and we’ve even had grandchildren roaming the halls learning how to cut, sew and ship. Our warehouse and offices are located in a building originally purchased by Lois’ dad in 1966, a thriving multi-business hub that supports over 5 fashion industry corporations.
  3. Proudly made in the USA. We believing in supporting products that are designed and manufactured in the United States. Our fabric is made in a state-of-the-art American factory and our cutting, sewing and distribution are all done in Miami, FL. We walk the talk of staying local and supporting home-town industries.
  4. Through the generations. The ingenuity and know-how that began with Lois’ Great-Great-Grandfather sewing military uniforms was passed down generation to generation. Though not a single family member was professionally trained in the fashion industry, the Varat family has supported 6 generations of clothing manufacturers and over 10 businesses.
  5. Beautiful at any size. A’nue believes you are perfect just the way you are. We design clothes that go up to L-2, but believe that nobody needs to see XXL every time they try on a top. Our company philosophy is to embrace women in their glorious shapes, sizes and hues.
  6. What’s in a name? We’re often asked where the name A’nue Miami came from. When Lois was creating her business, she wanted a name that conveyed the new start she was taking in her life. Recently divorced, she had lots of new beginnings, new challenges and a new-found sense of independence. Though “Anew” was already trademarked, “A’nue” had a worldly, French feel and hinted at the nude form that was used to style clothes. “Miami” was added to our name in 2016 to proudly showcase our South Florida roots.
  7. What goes around comes around. A’nue was right on trend in the early 90’s with sleek, stylish bodysuits. Our customers raved about the comfort and fit that made them feel just like models on the covers of the latest fashion mags. Bodysuits were one of our top sellers for about 6 years, so we laugh now to see bodysuits back in contemporary stores. Our hearts skip a beat every time a customer calls to ask, “Couldn’t you please make your bodysuit one more time?”
  8. Empower your sisters. Throughout the years, we have chosen to partner with organizations that support women and girls, both locally and nationally. We’ve raised money for the Susan G. Komen fund for Breast Cancer Research, the Miami-based Health Information Project and Dress for Success, among others. Our latest partnership is with Lotus House, where 10 % of proceeds from our pink tops will be donated to this incredible organization making a true difference in the lives of homeless women and their families.
  9. Super food. We all try to be healthy and eat well most of the time. We even have a few vegetarians in our group! But when the clock strikes 3:30 and you just need something to get through the day, what fuels the A’nue family? M&M’s & Candy!! IMG_5791
  10. As a group of employees, we’ve done a lot! We’ve traveled to 6 of the 7 continents (Antarctica is next!), we’ve run 5 marathons, raised 17 kids (and helped to raise 25 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren), gone bungee jumping and hopped out of planes, and overall have tried to create the best balance between work & personal adventures. We love what we do, we are grateful for all of our customers and we hope you enjoy every order from A’nue Miami!

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