8 Tips for the Perfect Summer Road Trip

No matter which area of the country you find yourself in, there are great options for the ultimate summer road trip. Pick your favorite region: you have the breathtaking beauty of the Utah parks – including Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, Arches National Park and Antelope Canyon; the summers in the Northeast invite exploration of lakes, quarries and mountain ranges; you can find incredible music and food by traveling through the south; and don’t forget to check out state fairs and roadside attractions in the Midwest.

Wherever you go, be sure to do the necessary information gathering before you hit the highway. Spontaneity is always great, but there are a few critical things you need to do to ensure that your trip is safe. We know that no trip is without its “speedbumps” but eliminating preventable issues will allow your hiccups to be part of the adventure instead of a trip-ending catastrophe!

First things first, make sure your car has been checked out by a mechanic. You want to verify that you have done any routine work (tire rotations, oil changes, etc.) before you head out. Let a trustworthy mechanic know how many miles you will be putting on your car - and the road conditions - so that they can make sure your vehicle is up for the trip.

Plan your route – check for expected construction delays and look for a paper map of your route. We’ve all become dependent on GPS for everyday driving, but your route may travel through areas without cellular service so the good ol’ fashioned map makes a helpful back up tool.

Pick up an emergency kit for the car. For a road trip, this kit should include items to change a flat tire in a pinch, such as a jack, spare tire and even a can of fix-a-flat. But you’ll also want to think about basic first aid supplies and a cache of food and water, just in case.

Now for the fun part, create a selection of playlists of your favorite music and download podcasts or audio books that will keep you entertained as you travel across this beautiful country. Try different genres and have it all ready so that you won’t get distracted while driving.

Pack a cooler with healthy snacks and treats to minimize stops at expensive, unhealthy highway fast food. Have lots of water, too!

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Overall, a little bit of planning goes a long way in creating a safe, adventurous summer road trip. There’s so much to see in every corner of our country – and in between! – and summer vacations are the perfect time to explore what’s out there. Enjoy the open road!

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