Kannon's Clothing: The American Dream Come True

This month we introduce you to Kannon’s, a heart-warming story of the American dream come true.

Kannon's Clothing, Raleigh, North Carolina

In 1905, immigrant Isaac George Kannon moved from Lebanon to Wendell, North Carolina to seek a better life for himself and his family. After saving up money earned by peddling linens and assorted luxury items in town, he opened his very own retail store. With a charismatic personality and a desire to provide incredible customer service, Mr. Kannon built up a business that has been able to support 3 generations of family for well over 100 years and counting.

Founder, Mr. Isaac George Kannon

Isaac’s great granddaughter, Mary-Kannon Jefferson, is now officially the 4th generation to work in the family business! In 2015, the original store made a bittersweet move to Raleigh to provide a more convenient and consolidated shopping experience for their loyal following. With an impressive title as the oldest family-owned and-operated business in North Carolina, Kannon’s has maintained its commitment to providing stellar customer service and diverse, elevated fashion offerings for the Raleigh community and beyond.

Kannon's Team with Mary-Kannon Jefferson (far-right, seated on arm chair)

While the brother-sister duo of George Knuckley and Mary Kathryn Phillips run the men’s division of Kannon’s, our relationship has remained steady with sisters Boo Jefferson and Joe Ann Wright of the women’s division. They pride themselves on fostering an environment where customers can have the “Kannon’s experience,” which they explain as above and beyond customer service that makes the client feel like a million bucks. Who wouldn’t want that kind of personalized treatment? In their humble words, “It’s such an honor when someone chooses to shop with us and we don’t take that lightly.” 

From left to right: Mary Kathryn Phillips, Joe Ann Wright, George Knuckley, Boo Jefferson

And yet another feature that makes Kannon’s a stand-out choice for fashion is their ability to style 3 generations from head-to-toe. Bring your mom and your daughter for anything from a special occasion to casual wardrobe refreshers and you’ll each be able to find the perfect clothing, fabulous accessories and the latest choices in footwear.

Kannon's Clothing, Raleigh, North Carolina (interior)

So what makes Kannon’s a loyal supporter of A’nue for well over 10 years? They say that once a client tries on an A’nue Miami top, they become a customer for life. With high quality fabric and “the perfect fit,” A’nue is an easy choice for their shoppers. The versatility of being able to get any A’nue styles in a diverse array of colors adheres well to their multi-generational store philosophy. It’s a match made in retail heaven!

From one family-run business to another, we congratulate Kannon’s on their achievements and wish them 100+ more years of success and happiness!

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