A Plea For Mask Wearing

We can do this. We are strong, smart and resilient. And the end is in sight. Whether we choose to wear a mask because we want to set a good example, or to protect others, protect ourselves, or protect our community, any reason is a good reason to mask up.

The good news is that we know so much more about COVID-19 than we did at the beginning of the pandemic. Gone are the days when we disinfected every piece of mail or each item from the grocery store. Phew. We can let go of some of the fear and rely on the amazing amount of scientific research that informs our policies around safe behaviors.

When we wear our masks and keep a safe distance, we can see friends outdoors instead of feeling isolated and alone. We know what to do to stay safe. Every step involves sacrifices, to be sure, and many of these sacrifices are not easy. But when we look at the big picture, the health and safety of those we love just is too important. We mourn those we have lost. Let us not lose any more.

We express gratitude for all of those who are not able to stay home, like the health care workers, grocery clerks and delivery drivers. We wear masks to protect firefighters, teachers, ambulance drivers, our elders in long term care facilities and the children who are eager to get back to school. We wear them because we know that when we all put our masks on, the infection rates go down. 

The model is wearing our Adult Face Mask in Shimmer Cream

We love our A’nue Miami masks, but we are not just trying to sell you our masks. We want you to wear the mask that expresses the real you. Choose one from your favorite sports team. Express your political beliefs where everyone can see them. Match the color of your eyes or your favorite top, explore wild patterns or wear the image of a crime-fighting superhero. Have fun with it! And don’t forget to leave an extra mask in your purse and/or your car just in case you have one of those days. We’re looking forward to the time when we can all be together with the ones we love. Until then, be a hero and wear your mask. Thank you. 

The best news is that for every mask you purchase, we're giving $2 of the proceeds to the Food Rescue U.S., which is providing meals for individuals facing immeasurable distress during these difficult times. Together, we can get through this!

P.S. We're offering discounts on Adult Masks and Kids Masks based on the number of masks you purchase. 

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