Color Trend of the Year: Coral

We all know that Coral is the hot, new color trend for 2019. Hello, Pantone color of the year!

But for us Floridians, Coral is just a natural, everyday part of our lives. There’s a reason why the Pantone company chose Miami Beach to announce their color choice last December – the city is awash in Coral. 

You can find it on our buildings, our shades of lipstick, the names of our towns, parks and streets, and even sometimes in our glorious sunsets. Those of us in Miami know that life somehow feels a little more sublime when you add calming, refreshing Coral hues to your surroundings.

Here’s where A’nue comes in to rescue you from your dreary winter days. Think Coral! All of our fabulous, travel-friendly, comfortable and simply beautiful tops come in Coral. Add a splash of color under your cardigan or be adventurous and wear your coral top with your favorite pair of pants.

The A-Line Tank (ABW002) in Coral

You don’t have to wait until spring to wrap yourself in the look and feel of true Miami fashion. Coral works great with many different skin tones and complements a variety hair colors from blonde to black and everything in between.

Grab your cocktail, put on some island music and visit to find your favorite top in Coral. Let the Miami vibe begin…

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