Simple Tips to Make Your World Greener

They say that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but we don’t buy it. This past year has seen a remarkable amount of change, and we’ve all adapted new habits and responded appropriately when needed. It just goes to show that real change can happen. This April, we’re highlighting the fact that there is an urgent need for a shift in our behavior to protect our environment. Since all of us are now so good at adjusting to new realities, this is the time to make easy yet effective changes in our lifestyles that can transform our world. These simple tips can not only help your local community, but they can encourage others to do the same. It’s contagious, it feels good and it may even save you money! Enjoy these suggestions to be an Earth Day Warrior!

Quit buying water bottles. Just do it. If you have them in the house, you’ll be tempted to drink from them. Instead, get a handful of reusable water bottles and a good filtering system (either one that can go in the fridge or one connected to your sink for the instant gratification crowd). Or, for a revolutionary idea, drink from the tap if your water is safe. The overwhelming majority of singe use water bottles are not recycled, and there are limited uses for the plastic, anyway. So instead choose to express your style with your some fun, multi-use water bottles.

Plant a garden. You can opt for a simple window box herb garden or even just pick up some seeds at your local nursery. Channel your inner preschooler and put the seeds in some soil in a little paper cup to germinate. In no time at all, you’ll have your little seedlings that you can move to a larger pot or a spot out in your yard. The joy of watching the little sprouts grow will be rewarding, but you’ll also know that you are removing carbon dioxide from the air and encouraging more oxygen, too! And we’re pretty sure that whatever you grow will taste much better than anything you can buy in the store. 

Unsubscribe to catalogs. Have you ever thought about how much paper is wasted with all of those catalogs that you don’t even look through? At the very least, please take a sec to recycle the catalogs you do receive. And tear off the back page so you can spend just a bit of time calling the companies to remove you from their list. It’s quick & easy & will make your life easier (and your mail carrier’s, too!).

Skip the car. At least once a week, find an alternative to hopping in your car when you need something. Depending on where you live, that may mean walking, taking the bus or riding your bike to your destination. You may find that you like the change of pace. It will give you a chance to see your neighborhood from a different perspective, and you’ll reap the health benefits of the switch, too. Before you know it, your car will be up for sale & you’ll be laughing every time you pass the gas pump – stranger things have happened!

Fill ‘Er Up! Follow the same principle for both your dishwasher and your washing machine – don’t hit the start button until it’s completely full. Using a complete cycle for a minimal load of dishes or laundry uses the same amount of electricity and water as a complete load, which is wasteful no matter how you look at it. Use the cold water setting whenever possible and skip the heated drying cycle on your dishwasher. While you’re at it, don’t forget to purchase appliances with the Energy Saver symbol when your old ones are no longer functioning.

Happy springtime – thanks for doing your part to protect the Earth for our future generations!

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