What Makes A'nue Miami Special

When we ask our most loyal customers what they love most about A’nue Miami, high on everyone’s list is our fabric. We know that while your first impression of A’nue may come from an email or a photo on our website, the true test of the quality and thoughtfulness that goes into each style is actually trying on one of our tops. It begins with the feel of the fabric. The softness lends a luxurious texture, while the durable weave lets you know that this piece is going to stand the test of time. The richness of the color certainly captures your eye, but anyone who has had an A’nue top can confirm that the color stays true wash after wash.


And how are we able to achieve this level of quality with our A’nue garments? It begins with a commitment to quality that infuses everything we do. We believe that what you wear should reflect your inner beauty, with designs that transcend passing fads. Isn’t it better to have fewer things that last longer and make you feel beautiful each time you put them on? And we also believe in supporting our local businesses. Our signature fabric is all made in the USA and we utilize in-house and local Miami cutting and sewing facilities to make sure each piece is constructed with an attention to detail. Your support of A’nue means that we in turn can support all the people who help bring you your favorite tops, from our wonderful sewers to the friendly UPS driver who picks up your package at the end of a shipping day.

We have remained devoted to what may seem like an old-fashioned ethos of a family-run business. Just give us a call and you will hear how and why we believe in our product. We’ll suggest which style or size would fit you best, whether you prefer a one-size-fits-all style or something that hugs each and every beautiful curve. We’ll let you know how special each of our different styles are, but when you actually get one in your hands, the quality will speak for itself. Thank you for being one of our many loyal customers or for being discriminating enough to try one for the very first time. Either way, you will forever be a part of our A’nue family.

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