Your 2020 Gift Guide is Here!

While the 2020 holiday season might not look like years past, there are plenty of ways to make it festive. Whether you are looking for the perfect outfit for celebrating with a small group of loved ones or sending gifts to those who mean the most to you, we’ve got lots of great ideas for the women in your life. Find the joy in giving thoughtfully chosen gifts that represent your support of A’nue Miami, a women-owned family business committed to creating made-in-the-USA luxury. Be sure to get your gifts early for the best selection, and so that you can have plenty of time for gifts to arrive before the holidays. We’ve carefully curated some of our most beloved styles and some of our hot, new items for our best of 2020 list – happy shopping!

The Turtleneck Dress (AB206) in Caramel

The Reversible Tank (AB140) in Chestnut

Say Yes to the Dress!

Here are two incredible options for dresses this year, and they’re flying off the shelves. Our Turtleneck Dress is just as cozy and luxurious as it looks. You’ll stay warm while looking fabulously stylish whether you pair your dress with leggings or tights, or just show off those legs where the weather is warmer. Our Reversible Tank Dress is like two dresses in one, since it can be worn with 1 of two gorgeous necklines, scoop neck or boatneck. We love a casual look for these dresses with sneakers & a jean jacket or glam it up with a cardigan & some knee-high boots. 

The Boxy Long Sleeve Side Slit (AB188) and The Jogger (AB210) in Slate

Complete Outfit? Check!

We’ve found the ultimate in casual wear – and let’s be honest, who’s wearing anything but that these days? We’re sure you can think of the perfect person (maybe even you?), who would love this set of our comfortable yet beautiful Boxy Long Sleeve paired with our amazing new Jogger. This matching set has a top with great thoughtful details, including a stylish side slit that creates a high/low effect, and jogger pants with a flattering waistband and 2 pockets in just the right place. This perfect pair will bring your winter morning outfit to a whole new level!

The Classic Long Sleeve (AB116) in White

A Tried and True Favorite

If you haven’t tried our Classic Long Sleeve before, you will soon find out why everyone raves about it. It comes in a stunning array of colors, just perfect for freshening up your wardrobe. And the fit? It’s all you could ask for in a long sleeve. The classic, tailored look will satisfy even the most particular shopper: not too tight and not too loose… just right! Our signature fabric resists pilling and holes, and travels beautifully, making it just the right gift for someone you love.

The Turtleneck Tunic (ABL036) in Chestnut

The Classic Leggings (AB088) in Black

A Tunic is a Girl’s Best Friend

Here’s what we love about tunics: you can still look glamorous at any size. We believe women should feel good about themselves just the way they are, and our tunics are one way to do that. Our Turtleneck Tunic has just the right A-line cut to pair beautifully with our leggings, and the neck lays perfectly scrunched without folding over. When paired with a cardigan and some tortoise-shell glasses, you’ll give off that wise professor look. Or grab some heels for a more seductive style. Don’t forget the world’s best leggings, either! Our wide waistband hugs you securely and the material feels silky smooth on your legs. It’s a match made in heaven.

The Adult Face Covering in Shimmer Cream

Mask, you ask?

We would be remiss if we didn’t include our amazing face masks in our gift guide. Protect yourself and protect your loved ones (kids included!), with our well-constructed, incredibly designed face masks. We’ve adapted our gorgeous fabric, added Pellon fusing to comply with CDC guidance and provide structure, and created a comfortable face covering that coordinates with just about everything in your closet. Choose from a selection of bold or neutral colors and you will give the gift of good health and thoughtfulness.  

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