Tips for Cool Weather Exercise

Say goodbye to sweaty summer workouts and make the most of our shorter, cooler fall days. Now is the best time to get outdoors before wintry weather keeps you huddled under the covers! Not only is routine exercise important for your health, but getting outside also gives you a refreshing peek at all the changes going on in the environment around you. Whether your passion is running, hiking or leisurely strolls with the dog, exercise in cooler temperatures feels easier on your muscles and bones and certainly has lasting benefits for the body and soul. Here are some tips to make your fall workout safe and fun.

1. Dress in layers – even if temperatures are cool, you can warm up quickly during outdoor exercise. To prevent overheating, make sure you dress in easy-to-remove layers that can be tied around your waste or stored in a lightweight bag.

2. Don’t forget to hydrate! It’s great to carry water with you. But just as important is to make sure you are hydrated before and after a work-out. People tend to sweat less in cooler weather, but you are still depleting water in the body when you exercise. Keep a reusable water bottle at hand as a visual reminder to drink up!

3. Protect the little piggies – One life-saving measure that your body has in cold weather is redirecting warm blood flow to the vital organs so they can function well despite the cold. It’s still safe for you to get outdoors, you just need to help your fingers and toes stay toasty by investing in thin gloves and warm, wicking socks. A little protection goes a long way to staying comfortable.

4. Take safety precautions – We lose about 2 minutes of daylight per day as we head towards the winter solstice. That means that things can get pretty dark before you know it if you are heading out at the end of the day. Be sure to have light with you (headlamps, bike lights and – in a pinch - even a cellphone flashlight!) so you are visible to oncoming cars. Even better? Bring a friend. You’re safer in pairs and you have extra motivation to head out if a friend is counting on you. 

    As always, you’ll feel better when you’re done with your fall workout. Take a peek at our latest styles and colors that will show off the results of your active lifestyle. And stay focused on a healthier, stronger you with great habits that will sustain you throughout the year.

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